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The Open Space Technology is a method of working with groups sized 15 up to 2000 participants and more. It was invented by Harrison Owen (USA) in 80s and spread around the world, being used in 140 countries now. OST represents a self-organising process: participants construct the agenda and schedule during the meeting itself. It enables groups of any size to address complex, important issues and achieve meaningful results quickly.

The Open Space Polska Group is a Polish team of consultants, facilitators and assistants, active from the year of 2002, and currently the most experienced in Poland. We can run the conferences in Polish, English and German. For more languages we invite our partners from other countries or use translators.



Piotr Banach


Mobile: 0049 176 5750 1899 and 0048 517 18 01 01


Agnieszka Pawlik


Mobile: 0048 604 579 421